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WTO Notifications Portal

A consolidated platform outlining WTO notification requirements, reporting on the notifications received, and assisting the competent authorities in submitting them.

Scope of Information

The Notifications Portal provides select information on WTO notifications concerning the agreements on goods, services, intellectual property and government procurement.

  • In the goods area, the notifications listed are those agreed by the Council for Trade in Goods based on a report by the Working Group on Notification Obligations and Procedures, the status of which is periodically reported by the Secretariat in the G/L/223/Rev document series.
  • In the services area, the portal features the notification obligations under the GATS Agreement as highlighted in CRN's semi-annual calls and reminders (GATS Articles III:3, III:4, IV:2 and VII:4, and Paragraph 5(c) of the Telecom Annex).
  • In the area of intellectual property, the portal provides information on notification obligations under the TRIPS Agreement that are featured in CRN's semi-annual calls and reminders (IP laws and regulations and the enforcement checklist pursuant to TRIPS Article 63.2; and IP enforcement contact points pursuant to TRIPS Article 69).
  • In the government procurement area, the portal features the notification obligations under the GPA 2012 as highlighted in CRN's semi-annual calls and reminders, and periodically compiled by the Secretariat in the GPA/S/3 document series.
The information is offered for transparency purposes, based on available WTO data, and is not indicative of Members' compliance with their WTO notification obligations.

Notifications by agreement

Find a summary of the notifications that have been submitted by WTO members, as provided in selected WTO agreements and articles.

Status by Member

Latest Notifications submitted by individual WTO Members per selected agreements and articles.

LDC notification flexibilities

The Uruguay Round Agreements included several notification obligations, reflecting the WTO principle of transparency. Recognising the challenges that some of these obligations may pose on Least-Developed Countries (LDCs), some of these Agreements include flexibilities for this sub-group of Members.

Submit a notification

Find instructions on how to submit a notification as well as links to domain specific systems where notifications can be submitted online. Currently, online notifications can be submitted for the following areas:

  • Agriculture — tariff and other quotas, special safeguards, domestic support, export subsidies and export restrictions
  • Antidumping – semi-annual report per Article VI of the GATT 1994 Art. 16.4
  • IDB File Exchange Facility – upload IDB notifications or CTS transposition files.
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures — regulations, emergency actions
  • Technical Barriers to Trade — technical regulations
  • TRIPS — notifications, information relating to reviews pursuant to Articles 24.2 and 27.3(b), and reports pursuant to Articles 66.2 and 67 may be submitted online via the e-TRIPS Submission System

Notification requirements

Find detailed instructions on the notification requirements arranged by WTO agreement and article. You will see relevant information on

  • What must be notified?
  • Which Members must notify?
  • When to notify?
  • How to notify?

as well as information on specific document formats and procedures to follow.